Although animal rights activists rejoiced with the news that SeaWorld would stop breeding orcas, the fight to empty the tanks is far from over.

According to a petition on Care2, Chinese real estate group Zhonghong  Zhuoye invested in SeaWorld and acquired rights to develop its theme parks in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Although SeaWorld stated they would not be sending orcas to these parks, they did not say dolphins and other whales would not be shipped.  Additionally, these Asian parks could get marine animals from other sources, such as the traders from the infamous Taiji cove dolphin hunts. Seeing as China has no federal animal welfare laws, the abuse of these animals could be even worse than in countries that do have animal welfare laws in place.

The Care2 petition describes the pain and anguish of the animals imprisoned at SeaWorld. These animals exhibit many signs of zoochosis, a serious psychological disorder common in abused and isolated captive animals. Seen behaving compulsively, pacing, thrashing themselves against tanks, and having violent outbursts, these animals’ lives end prematurely in captivity.

If you are as outraged with SeaWorld as we all are, please take a moment to sign this petition demanding SeaWorld and its Asian partners end the cruel practice of imprisoning wild animals like dolphins and whales.

Please share this with friends and encourage them to never support SeaWorld or any other park or attraction that exploits animals for profit. It is up to the public to be the voice for these animals and help end this cruel practice. Businesses will be forced to empty the tanks when the public demand ceases for this type of “entertainment.” Please remember, wild animals belong in the wild, not in tanks!

Image Source: Cristian Puscasu./Shutterstock