Harbor seal pups abandoned by their mothers have been wasting away on Casa Beach Harbor Seal Rookery in La Jolla, California since February 19th, 2017. While at first, it was just one pup, the number of abandoned babies soon grew to three. The original pup was spotted by a visitor, who contacted local activist Andrea Else Hahn. Initially, there was concern over whether or not the pups’ mother was out foraging, but when days went by without any sign of the mother, Hahn decided to start filming the pups in order to bring attention to the problem.

Only those with permits are allowed on Casa Beach Harbor Seal Rookery, but the rule is rarely enforced, which results in the public getting too close to native wildlife. This can lead to mothers seals abandoning their babies.

Since the 19th, Hahn has been filming the emaciated seal pups. She has reached out to SeaWorld San Diego, which runs a rescue and release program for seals, who responded that they are “aware” of the problem.

Because only professionals can help these abandoned seal pups, rescuers at SeaWorld are their last hope.



It is beyond comprehension that SeaWorld is choosing to stand idly by while three seal pups starve to death. According to Hahn, “Sea World hung up on me as I was attempting to report to them this newest Harbor Seal pup abandonment in order to get them to initiate the 48-hour watch count required before rescue is even permitted.” This was one week ago and the seal pups are still starving to death on a beach.

It is unacceptable for SeaWorld San Diego, who supposedly prides itself on its wildlife rescue efforts, to do nothing while baby animals waste away, especially considering that the reason they are dying is most likely because the rule prohibiting people on the beach is not enforced. We need to band together to pressure SeaWorld San Diego to take action. Hahn has been filming these poor pups practically every day since the 19th — that is more than enough proof that their mothers will not be returning for them.

Call SeaWorld San Diego’s rescue hotline at 1-(800) 541-7325 and ask them to do something about the starving seal pups on Casa Beach Harbor Seal Rookery in La Jolla, California. Their lives depend on it.

Lead image source: Andrea Elise Hahn/Facebook