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Pit Bulls have been dealt an incredibly bad card by society. Because of their size and stature, these dogs are a favorite in illegal dogfighting rings. Although they used to be known as “nanny” dogs due to their gentle and fiercely loyal nature, Pit Bulls have been characterized as vicious, aggressive dogs because of fighting.

The reality is that Pit Bulls, like any other dog, have the potential to be amazing companions, but it depends largely on how they are raised. In fighting rings, Pit Bulls are starved, beaten, and abused until they learn to fight and kill. The cruel humans who orchestrate these fights take advantage of the dog’s trust and loyalty, forcing them to experience horrific pain in order to gain attention or praise.

Sadly, this small subset of the population has caused an enormous amount of damage to how people perceive Pit Bulls which has consequently led them to be some of the most highly euthanized dogs in shelters. Just take this fact into consideration, about 5,500 dogs are put down in overcrowded shelters every day; of all the dogs that enter the shelter system, Pit Bull types have it the worst with a shockingly high euthanasia rate of 93 percent.

This sweet pup, JD, is currently on the “kill-list” at an NYC shelter, but his odds of adoption have been diminished significantly simply because of a stereotype.



In addition to high euthanasia rates, Pit Bulls are also subject to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that makes it illegal to adopt a Pit Bull in some states and municipalities. These laws were designed with the intention of lowering dog bite incidents, however, there is no evidence that this has any benefit – in fact, in many cases, BSL costs more to enforce than it is worth!

The good news is that some of these wrongful stereotypes against Pit Bulls are starting to fade away. As more people stand up and lend their voices to this marginalized breed, the myths about them are gradually disintegrating. With the help of a responsible, loving guardian, any dog has the potential to be the best friend you could ever ask for. We can all help change the way people view Pit Bulls by sharing articles like this one and working to show the softer side of Pitties. Together we can undo all the damage done to these dogs by reckless humans and give them the life they truly deserve.

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Image source: mrcs04/Imgur