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Pit Bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs on the planet. Sadly, this is largely a result of the illegal dog fighting industry. Pit Bulls, and other bully breeds, are exploited by cruel humans who train them to be aggressive and fight for the sake of profit. Although dog fighting is illegal across the U.S., this abuse still exists.

What many people don’t know about Pit Bulls is they used to be called “Nanny” dogs because of their loyalty and gentle nature. In fact, Pit Bulls make some of the most wonderful companions, but because of their negative association with dogfighting, they are often overlooked in shelters. It is far past time we laid these negative stereotypes against Pitties to rest – and the sweeties in this video are here to prove that Pit Bulls are real lovers, not fighters.

The fact is all dogs are capable of being amazing, kind companions if they are raised by responsible pet parents, and Pit Bulls are hardly the exception.