Pit Bulls are wrongly made out to be vicious, aggressive dogs far too often.

Well, we assure you the mental image most people have in their heads when they hear about this breed is far from true – and these two pups are happy to prove it!

The pooch pair are two (of many) foster dogs cared for by Hope for Paws, an organization that specializes in the rescue and adoption of abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs. The dogs shown here are part of the organization’s overall goal to show that companion animals are not mere items to be thrown away, exchanged, or profited from (such as in Pit Bulls who are sadly used for dogfighting). They should be loved for who they are, even if their breed has a nasty stereotype that completely contradicts their loving and playful personalities.

Watch as the two best pals frolic around the room, ducking, diving, barking, and wagging their tails in joy. Now tell us, who could resist the adorableness of these two poochy pals?