Life in an animal shelter is stressful. You’re surrounded by animals and people you don’t know, there are loud scary noises, and you don’t understand why you are in the shelter in the first place. Animal shelters often have to get creative to help the animals in their care find their forever homes … and sometimes all it takes is a simple Facebook share!

Jack is a tabby cat who was found as a stray in a neighborhood in Michigan and was taken to Wexford County Shelter. Jack was super affectionate and loved rubbing his face on everyone he met … but no one wanted to take him home.


That’s when the Wexford County Shelter Shares Facebook page decided to post Jack’s photo online. Someone must be looking for a cuddly cat!

Sure enough, a young woman named Kali came to the shelter looking for Jack. He must have sensed that his happy ending was finally here because Jack gripped Kali’s shirt with his paws and begun rubbing his face on her hands and face!


“Once she got a chance to hold him and pet him he instantly fell in love with her and wouldn’t leave her side at all,” Kali’s boyfriend Rain told Love Meow. Kali instantly adopted Jack!

Now at home with Kali and Rain, Jack follows his humans everywhere they go! He loves belly rubs and will peacefully take cat naps. There are hundreds of cats, just like Jack, who want nothing more than a lap to lie on. If you’re thinking of adding a four-legged best friend to your crew, please always adopt and never shop! For more ways to get involved in the mission to end pet homelessness, check this out.


For more information on Wexford County Shelter and how you can join their mission to save cats and dogs, check out their website.

Image Source: Wexford County Shelter Shares/Facebook