When Eldad and Loreta from Hope for Paws received a call about an abandoned dog, they headed out to the location not knowing what a special dog they were about to rescue. Upon arrival, they immediately realized the dog in need was a pure-bred Newfoundland. According to nearby locals, there were two dogs but one disappeared. Thankfully, the Newfoundland, named Everest, was now in good hands.

Once at the Hope for Paws facility, Loreta gave Everest a warm bath and massage, which he definitely enjoyed judging by the relaxed look on his face and drool hanging from his mouth!


Luckily for this pup, an adopter in Oregon soon reached out to claim Everest. Knowing this would be a good home for the fluffy pup, Loreta and Eldad hopped on a plane with Everest and flew all the way to his new home. There was snow on the ground, but Everest’s new home was full of love and warmth.

Everest’s parents say that he will be trained to become a therapy dog and visit children’s hospitals with his brother Clyde. Talk about a happy ending! To make a donation to Hope for Paws and transform more lives, click here.