Shelters and rescues are always looking for new ways for homeless pets to interact with potential adoptive families. These organizations have worked to create open and inviting areas where people can have one-on-one time with pets before deciding to adopt, working to change the stereotypes about shelter pets. Foster-based organizations hold adoption events at pet supply stores in hopes of pairing people with their perfect companion. And creative campaigns filled with images of happy pets has helped encourage people to adopt one of the over six million animals that enter U.S. shelters every year.

All of these efforts have been incredibly successful, resulting in more animals going home and fewer losing their lives simply because they have no place to go. But with over 5,000 animals still dying in shelters every day in the U.S., you can never do too much when it comes to helping animals find the homes they deserve. From cat and dog cafés to feline-friendly yoga, these unique programs are saving lives one cuddly pet at a time.


Sipping Lattes with Furry Friends

Cat Cafes and Other Unique Ways People Are Interacting with Adoptable Pets

The Dog Café/ Facebook

Would you jump at the opportunity to hang out with cats as you enjoy a frothy latté? Cafés like the Meow Parlour in New York, Cat Town in Oakland and Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland are just a few of the places offering people the chance to hang out in special cat rooms filled with adorable felines that are looking for their forever home. Serving everything from coffee and scones to cocktails and appetizers, these cafés get cats out of the shelter and into a place where feline enthusiasts and potential adopters can interact with them in a casual environment.

Looking for a canine pal instead? Los Angeles is home to The Dog Café, where you can schedule a time to sip beverages while helping socialize dogs from area shelters. They also do adoptions if one of the lovable pups happens to be your perfect match.

Dining Out With Adoptable Pets

Restaurants and breweries are usually filled with friends chatting and chomping away on delicious food or enjoying a few beverages to unwind after a long day. But some of these businesses are also using their space to help homeless pets find adoptive homes.


Restaurants are partnering with shelters and rescues to hold events where people can drink and dine on pet-friendly patios while learning more about pets available for adoption. The ability to bring your own pet along can provide an opportunity to see if the potential companions get along before going through with the adoption process, and those who don’t have a pet or aren’t ready to adopt can still get their cuddle fix while helping socialize animals.

Finding Your Zen with Feline Yogis

Cat Cafes and Other Unique Ways People Are Interacting with Adoptable Pets

Meow Parlour/Facebook

There’s nothing like a yoga class to help relax your body and mind, but some yoga studios and animal shelters are offering something that makes classes even more enjoyable: adoptable pets. It’s a well-known fact that pets help reduce stress, so incorporating cuddly cuties into a class is the perfect way to provide a fully relaxing experience — and help homeless pets find a loving home in the process.

Cats and dogs roam freely while people work their way through yoga poses, so you just might end up with a curious cat jumping on your back or nuzzling up to your face during downward dog. A little friendly feline interaction helps make workouts all that more enjoyable, plus you get to enjoy cuddles at the end and potentially bring a new friend home. It sounds like the perfect workout to us.


Delivering Cuddle Sessions to Your Home or Office

A newer trend on the pet adoption scene is delivering adoptable puppies and kittens to your home or office for a short cuddle session in exchange for a donation to the participating shelter. In some cases, people have even held these sessions at their weddings, creating the perfect photographic memory while spreading awareness about adoption. The animals, which are accompanied by a shelter staff member or volunteer, are given the socialization they need while raising money for an important cause.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Cat Cafes and Other Unique Ways People Are Interacting with Adoptable Pets


You don’t need a dog café or cat-friendly yoga studio in your neighborhood to find your perfect companion. You can find your furry soulmate by attending an adoption event in your area, or by visiting your local shelter. There’s no shortage of pets looking for a family to call their own, and even if you’re not ready to adopt, you can still make a difference by fostering or volunteering.

Lead image source: Cat Town/Facebook