You’re a talented, creative, home cook with a flair for plant-based recipes who takes wicked good pictures of those all vegan cupcakes that you invented and we want to feature the recipe! Think of how cool that would be! One minute your best friend is rolling her eyes as you take out your camera to commemorate the veggie burgers you just whipped up, and the next, your recipe is on One Green Planet, showing all of our readers how YOU #EatForThePlanet. This will put you on the site alongside celebrities like Mayim Bialik, cookbook authors like Erin McKenna, chefs like Christy Morgan, awesome bloggers like Rhea ParsonsBryanna Clark Grogan, Annie OliverioKathleen HenryEmily von Euw, and plant-powered athletes like Rich Roll and Brendan Brazier.

Wanna Know How to Participate?


There’s three simple steps between you and recipe designing glory:

1. Make an original plant-based recipe, can be super simple or elaborate, and take a photo.

2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter

3. Add this in your update: “I made this [name of what you made] for @OneGreenPlanet #EatForThePlanet”


That’s it! If we love your recipe and want to share it, we’ll hit you up on either Twitter or Instagram to let you know it’s been selected. Your original recipe will then be posted on our Recipe Monster channel and Internet glory shall be yours!*

“I have a recipe on One Green Planet and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”


We can’t wait to see what you come up with to feed the world!

*One Green Planet does not guarantee Internet glory. We merely guarantee that your recipe will look delicious and that people will be all, like, “Hey, check out that recipe. Nom nom nom.”

Graphics by Elizabeth Lee