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Pit Bulls often get a bad reputation for being aggressive and vicious dogs because of their association with dog fighting rings. Dogs who are kept in fighting rings are abused and tortured for their entire lives, all for the sake of making a profit for their owners. Keeping any animal in this sort of environment would cause them to act out in an aggressive manner, but unfortunately, many people blame the dog and their owners or the circumstances of their lives for their actions. This has led Pit Bulls to be the victims of Breed Specific Legislation that prevents people from adopting Pit Bulls in certain areas. Additionally, Pit Bulls have a 93 percent euthanasia rate in shelters because people are afraid to adopt them.

However, when you look past these harmful assumptions about Pit Bulls, you will find sweet, loyal dogs who are just as capable of being wonderful pets as any other breed. Just look at Champ, the Pit Bull in this video.

Champ is twelve years old and has never acted out in an aggressive manner in his entire life. That is, until his elderly pet parent, Millie Fisher, was attacked by a robber in front of their home. The assailant had pinned Millie to the ground demanding money and she called out to Champ for help. Within seconds, he raced over to help his mom and managed to get the robber off of her before any serious harm was done.

Champ’s brave actions saved Millie’s life; he is a hero, not a menace.