People who have experienced what it is like to care for a Pit Bull know that these dogs are among the sweetest and most loyal animals out there. Sadly, however, some people take advantage of these traits and use Pits and Pit-mixes for cruel dog fighting rings. Because of their large size and stature, dog fighters target Pit Bulls and force these dogs to endure unimaginable amounts of pain and abuse. One of the most horrendous aspects of these rings is the use of “bait” dogs, or smaller, less aggressive dogs who act as the “training tool” to teach others to attack and kill. Precious the Pit Bull was a bait dog.

Found abandoned in a trash can in Detroit, it was clear that Precious had never known kindness from a human-being. She was covered with wounds and left out in the freezing weather without even the slightest care. If neighbors had not heard her cries, it is likely that Precious would not have survived.

When Chapalar Griggs heard the dog’s whining at 4AM, she sent her husband out to investigate and discovered the wounded dog. Not wanting to touch the dog, Griggs called a local shelter, only to find that they were closed on Sundays. Poor Precious had to wait until the next day until she could be given the proper care she needed. But now that she is in the care of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, things are starting to look up!

The rescue team rushed Precious to the vet to be treated for her head wound and numerous puncture wounds which are thought to be bit marks from other dogs. 

Before they could really get a look at her many injuries, Precious needed a good bath. Once she was all clean vets were able to give her some stitches and start her on a round of antibiotics. 

Precious gained quite the following and Detroit Pit Crew was able to successfully raise over eight times the amount they needed to cover the cost of her care! 

But, best of all Precious has now found a forever home! 

This deserving pup is now part of an amazing family who will give her all the love and care she needs. 

From a tragic beginning to a heartwarming ending, we wish Precious the absolute best with her new family! 


All image source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue/Facebook