Right now, in Taiji, Japan, hundreds of dolphins and marine animals are being hunted down. In just one day, these animals are having their entire lives turned around. One day they’re living happily within their family pods, spending their days exploring the vastness of the ocean, enjoying the thrill of hunting for their own food, and interacting with friends. The next, they’re being force fed and hydrated, trapped in holding cells and dirty tanks, and brutally treated until one day they are moved to a marine park or aquarium, where the abuse will only continue.

In an effort to spread awareness about this vicious hunt, Sea Shepherd Society has been on the ground at Taiji capturing the abuse as it happens. Just recently, they were able to gain access into the Taiji Dolphin Resort Hotel. Don’t be fooled by the fancy-sounding name, this “resort hotel,” or “concentration camp” as Sea Shepherd refers to it, is a desolate place where animals are put on display. Their holding cells aren’t dressed up with balloons or fancy ocean backdrops, though. As you can see in the video above, the conditions are pretty dismal with seals being confined to a space about twice the size of a bathtub with no water. The way they move around the cage is revealing of their confusion and desperation to get out.


The animals that are being captured in Taiji will be transported to marine parks all over Japan and the world. The best way you can help these captive animals is to pledge to never buy a ticket to any marine park or aquarium and urge your friends and family to do the same. Share this article to spread awareness about the Taiji hunt and the horrific injustice being perpetrated right now.