The bottlenose dolphin in this video is a beautiful, graceful creature, who once freely swam the oceans surrounding Taiji, Japan. But because of the annual Taiji dolphin drive, she’s likely to be sold into the captivity industry.

Every year from September until March, a drive hunt is conducted by the Taiji Fishermen’s Union. During the annual drive, more than two thousand dolphins are captured into the Taiji Cove and either torn from their family pods to be sold to aquariums and marine parks or killed for their meat. 

In this video, we see what is likely an example of a”pretty” dolphin, selected for life in captivity by fisherman. While being slaughtered is a horrible fate, being sent into captivity isn’t much better.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals who enjoy complex emotional and social lives in the wild. They’re cited as being only second in intelligence behind humans. Knowing this, life in captivity is really no life at all for dolphins.

You can help dolphins like this one by speaking out against marine captivity. Marine parks and aquariums are driven by profit so when people stop paying for tickets, the animals will no longer have to suffer. To learn more about the Taiji hunts and how you can help, click here.