Pit Bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs. Targeted as vicious animals, Pit Bulls and Pit-Mixes are often the victims of horrific abuse at the hands of cruel humans – primarily those that wish to use them for the purpose of dog fighting. Taking advantage of Pit’s natural loyalty, dog fighters beat and starve these animals until they learn to fight – usually to death – all so that they can turn a profit.

As if this form of abuse wasn’t bad enough, dog fighting has left a sordid stain on the Pit Bull’s reputation and many people assume these dogs are naturally aggressive and enjoy fighting by nature. Due to this belief, these dogs are frequently abandoned or discarded by irresponsible owners and have an incredibly hard time getting adopted in shelters – in fact, they have a euthanasia rate of around 93 percent because of these unfounded fears.


Tabitha was one such neglected Pit Bull. This sweet pup was rescued by Hope for Paws after she was found lying on the streets, barely able to walk due to a leg injury. Unlike other dog rescues that typical involve a struggle and some sort of resistance from the dog, this one was reportedly very simple and sweet Tabitha happily surrendered herself to the team’s care.

While it is unknown what sort of life or pain this pup endured, since rescue, she has an incredible look of relief on her face. After a life of uncertainty, Tabitha can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

This is the face of a pup who knows their days of suffering are over.



According to the Hope for Paws team, Tabitha is a total lovebug who befriends everyone she meets. She needed to undergo hydrotherapy to help her injured leg grow stronger and has been on pain medication, but through it all, she’s stayed a kind and gentle soul. Apparently, one of her favorite things to do is grab a toy in her mouth, curl up in a cozy place and fall asleep. Truly the image of bliss that all dogs deserve to have!


How Can You Help Dogs Like Tabitha

Tabitha is one lucky Pit Bull who found her way into the care of people who were willing to give her the care she needs – regardless of her looks or breed. It is up to all of us to put an end to needless stereotypes that have real detrimental effects on animals. At the end of the day, all dogs have the capability to be amazing, sweet companions if they are raised by responsible guardians. Share this post and encourage others rethink their prejudices against animals of all kinds.

Seeing Tabitha’s happy face, we can’t help up to wonder, if you can change a dog’s world by simply changing your thinking … why wouldn’t you?

All image source: Hope for Paws/Flickr