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Before humans began truly industrializing the world, wild animals had a whole set of different worries. Mainly they concerned themselves with getting food, not being eaten by their predators, and keeping their family together. Nowadays, in addition to these worries, their lives are affected by all sorts of human activities. They have to be careful of cars whizzing by, many have to watch their home being destroyed by deforestation, and they are always at risk of being poached or kidnapped for the illegal wildlife trade. Frankly, us humans make it pretty hard for many wild animals to survive.

For one bobcat in Minnesota, everything she knew of life changed in an instant. While wandering around with her mother and sibling, something terrible happened: her sibling was fatally struck by a car zooming past. Worse yet, when her mother went to help, she was also struck and killed. This sweet baby bobcat was now alone in the world, scared, and unsure of what to do next.

Thankfully, some kind people found her and brought her to Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation where the team immediately administered an exam to make sure she wasn’t injured, offered her some emotional support, and began to explore what her options were.

The kitten did not have any injuries or health problems. The question now was: where would this kitten go? At first, Wildwoods wanted to release her back into the wild, but considering her young age and an impending winter, decided that might not be the best option. 

After deliberating with rehabilitation experts, the team decided that the best thing they could do for this kitten was move her to a permanent home that at least had a semblance of the wild life she was destined for. She will now spend her days in the experienced hands of caretakers at The Wildcat Sanctuary, also located in Minnesota. 

The first order of business will be adjusting this kitten to sanctuary life, and then (hopefully) forming a surrogate family so that she can interact with others like her. The sanctuary is also looking to give her a new name.



This sweet kitten’s story is a heartbreaking look into how humans have yet to perfect the art of coexisting with animals. Whether it’s something that only affects a few animals like this situation, or something far-reaching like deforestation, humans are at the bud of the problem all too often. This bobcat kitten got lucky in finding her way in to the able hands at Wildcat Sanctuary, but most orphans don’t get this reality.

We can all do our part in helping wild animals survive and live out their lives in peace. To learn more about how to help wildlife in your vicinity, click here.

All image source: Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation and The Wildcat Sanctuary