All animals have a few things in common. We all love to eat, we all love to have fun, and most importantly, we all love to be cared for and accepted. But some animals are more like humans than the others. Take orangutans for example!

Aside from the fact that they look like tiny, furry people, orangutans are super social and love putting on a show. Luckily for us, someone over at International Animal Rescue took a video of Bob the rescued orangutan and his friends having a monkey party to celebrate the arrival of their new favorite box! Aren’t they absolutely amazing?

Sadly, these wonderful creatures are being wiped out of their natural habitat thanks to deforestation caused by palm oil companies. The worst part? This oil is used in about 50 percent of all consumer goods and has caused the destruction of around 90 percent of the orangutan’s native home – over the course of the past few decades alone. The good news is that organizations like International Animal Rescue are working to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans and give them a fighting chance at life. Bob and his friends might just look like they’re having fun, but they’re also learning key social skills that they’ll need once they are released to the wild.

If you’re anything like us then you adore orangutans, please read up on palm oil alternatives and share articles like this with your friends and relatives. We only have one earth, so let’s make it the best earth for everyone!