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Typically, the life of a farm animal is not an easy one. Farm animals, like other pets, lead lives that are entirely dependent upon the kindness of their human handlers. However, unlike pets, farm animals are usually raised for slaughter.

Farm animals are often the victims of abusive practices that are considered inhumane for the animals we consider pets, like cats and dogs – even though they often show the same intelligence and emotional traits. Without the help of life-saving farm animal sanctuaries like Hof Butenland, many of these animals would have nowhere else to turn.

Hof Butenland is an animal sanctuary in Northern Germany that is providing lifelong homes for over 100 Europe’s injured, neglected, and abused farm animals. Once they arrive here, these animals lead a pretty sweet life, complete with chin scratches, and friendly cuddles. Just check out the sweet grooming session the steer in this video is getting!

If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization, you can reach their Facebook page by clicking here.