Hof Butenland is an animal sanctuary located in northern Germany that provides a lifelong refuge for abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals. Home to over 100 permanent residents, this amazing sanctuary strives to treat these animals with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Cows are among the most widely disrespected animals on the planet. Because of their calm and generally passive dispositions, humanity has dealt them a number of offenses. These days, most cows are treated as nothing more than commodities, with no thought for the living, feeling animals that they are.


Cows are very intelligent animals, with excellent memories, tight-knit social groups and strong family ties. Like most other farm animals, they enjoy giving and receiving affection, but a good head scratch is one of the things that they like most of all!

By acknowledging that farm animals are capable of feeling happiness and joy as well as fear and pain, just like the rest of us, we may begin to examine the injustice of how poorly they are treated by the meat and dairy industries. Share this video and show others how awesome farm animals really are!