Tricia and Sweety are two blind cows rescued from the heartless dairy industry. Both of these ladies were forced into cycles of artificial insemination and pregnancy, only to have their calves taken away right after they were born.  Tricia was lucky enough to have been rescued from that life of cruelty back in 2008, when she came to live with the good folks at Farm Sanctuary.

With three locations across the country, Farm Sanctuary provides a safe haven for rescued factory farm animals who are old, injured or otherwise unwanted. So when the New York Farm Sanctuary found out about Sweety, a blind cow who had survived eight years of abuse in the Canadian dairy industry, they were happy to open their gates to her.

Poor Sweety was so nervous when she first arrived at the sanctuary. She couldn’t see anything and she had never been in a real barn, or felt hay beneath her feet. But when she heard Tricia mooing in a nearby stall to comfort her, she immediately began to settle in. Since then, these two ladies have been best friends, with Tricia leading Sweety through her new surroundings. This touching friendship between these two golden girls goes to show that animals value companionship and need friends, just like humans!

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