The black cow in this video was raised on a cattle farm. She had a crippling shoulder injury which made walking nearly impossible. Taking pity on the struggling cow, her caretakers at the farm massaged her injury and eventually helped her to walk again. Over time, they grew to care for her and desperately sought an alternative when her slaughter date came. Their only chance to give her a happy life was to surrender her to Gentle Barn farm sanctuary.

This video shows the very first moment this sweet cow was unloaded from the truck and met her soon-to-be cow best friend, Dudley. Here, she’s still quite skittish from the long trip and the adjustment, but we’re certain that she and Dudley will be inseparable in no time flat!

Our new cow friend may seem uneasy, but the Gentle Barn has made a happy camper out of every animal that has entered into their care. But don’t take our word for it! Head over to their website or Facebook page to see the dozens and dozens of stories and videos of the animals they rescue. They’re sure to make you smile!