Halloween may be over, but Dudley the rescued cow and his friends at the Gentle Barn Tennessee love eating pumpkin. They also love to play with their food before they eat it. The result? An impromptu bovine pumpkin soccer league! Don’t these two of them remind you of rambunctious little puppies?

Their caretaker cracked the pumpkin open after this video was taken and the boys chowed down. Good thing they worked up an appetite!

Eating tasty food with friends is always a good time, but food really shines when it’s fun to eat and play with! You might have been told that playing with your food is juvenile, but we think you should forget about that and take a page out of Dudley the cow’s book.

The Gentle Barn is an awesome organization that gives all sorts of farm animals a safe, happy place to live out their days. To learn more about their awesome work, check out their Facebook page or website!