If you’re all about unbelievably adorable stories involving animals, then you’re probably already familiar with Edgar’s Mission. If you’re not, here’s a little bit on what they’re all about. Edgar’s Mission is a farm sanctuary situated in beautiful Australia. They go to incredible lengths to help animals – like the time they spent hours under the sweltering summer sun to save a kitten who had gotten trapped between two metal sheds. Or the time when they gained the trust of a rogue pack of alpacas to transport them to sanctuary grounds, where they could finally live a life of peace and comfort.

When it comes to compassion, Edgar’s Mission knows no limit. So it’s no surprise that they would extend that compassion to another of society’s most vulnerable groups: the elderly. If you didn’t think Edgar’s Mission wasn’t awesome enough for carrying out so many countless rescues of animals in need, the Australian farm sanctuary also makes regular visits to nursing homes. Here are some recent photos from their visit to a nursing home in Lancefield, Australia.


This Australian nursing home got a visit from Eddie the goat and Timmy the sheep, two permanent residents of Edgar’s Mission.

The joy from these two gentle animals was infectious –  it goes to show you how animals can really brighten your day! 

In fact, studies have shown that animal companionship, even visits with animals, can be beneficial for the elderly. As Edgar’s Mission wrote on their website, “animals unite us, they calm us and make us feel good.”

Just like we can all appreciate the company of our animal friends, Timmy and Eddie both enjoyed their visit. There were plenty of head pats to go around!

Raise your hand if you wish you could also be part of this amazing day!


We couldn’t summarize their visit to this nursing home any better than Edgar’s Mission: “It goes to show that regardless of age or species we all welcome, need, and cherish kindness.” To see more squee-inducing and heart-warming images from one of their previous visits to a nursing home, click here. To learn more about the sanctuary, visit their official website.

All image source: Edgar’s Mission