This beautiful video depicts rescued goat Willow and her baby Josie-Mae.  This precious little family has the pleasure of living at Jon and Tracey’s New Jersey-based branch of Farm Sanctuary.

Sadly, Josie-Mae is missing one foot and has circulation issues but as you can tell, that does not slow her down!  She appears to be a curious and happy goat, simply content to live in peace with her mother. Seeing how happy these animals are, don’t you wish that all could experience this?


Around 99 percent of all animals used for consumption in the U.S. are raised in factory farms where they never get this sort of freedom or care. Treated as non-feeling commodities, animals in factory farms are often separated from their families and forced into filthy, stressful environments, forced to endure endless pain and suffering until the day they’re slaughtered. Thankfully, there are incredible individuals who are working to give farm animals a better like. The kind folks at Farm Sanctuary know that farm animals deserve as much love and respect as we all do! With this in mind, the animals in their care will never know anything but lives filled with joy!

If you would like to help out animals such as Willow and her baby, Farm Sanctuary offers a variety of opportunities to help out, from volunteer work to internships. Check out their website to learn more.