When most people invite a new companion animal into their home, they try to make the surroundings as pleasant as possible for their new friend. Whether it’s a fluffy bed for nap time, new toys to play with, or a simply keeping the house clean, animal lovers get joy from creating comfy homes for their new pets.

Unfortunately, there are individuals in the world, who live in deplorable conditions and selfishly choose to bring another living being into their dirty and dangerous home. Worse off, they bring in animals that cannot simply leave on their own will.

Thankfully, houses that are in terrible conditions don’t tend to stay under the radar forever. And when people find out that animals are on the premises, they are quick to call for help. That was the case this week in Nashville, Tennessee when Animal Rescue Corps found 32 animals living in horrifyingly neglectful conditions. The animals, which included 20 dogs, one donkey, four miniature donkeys, two ponies, a potbellied pig, three roosters, and one hen, have been seized by the Tennessee Sheriff’s department.

In an ideal world, adoption shelters and pet shops would be able to tell right off the bat whether those coming to take pets home are responsible people who will provide the best possible care for their new pet. Thankfully, organizations like Animal Rescue Corps exist to find animals who ended up in the wrong hands. We hope these animals are able to recover from this traumatic experience and go on to lead happier lives in clean and safe homes like they always deserved!