In early March, 5-year-old baby Rufus was first abandoned at Dallas Animal Services in rough shape. He had been found as a stray, but he’s been neglected for a very long time, developing what shelter veterinary staff suspect is Sarcoptic Mange. He was suffering from burning, had inflamed skin, was underweight, and had very worn down teeth despite being only five years old, said Dallas Animal Services in an Instagram post.

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Sarcoptic mange is caused by a lack of flea/tick prevention coupled with a lack of nutrition. Thankfully, with proper medication and a healthy diet, Rufus’ fur will grow back in no time. Although Rufus had been itchy and uncomfortable, he was still happy to be around loving people, especially when treats were offered.

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Rufus “was spoon-fed gourmet meals and had a closet full of pajamas. He would have breakfast in bed, morning cuddles, afternoon walks, and naps. He would learn how to be playful and flip his food bowl over if he wasn’t getting spoon-fed. He would learn how much his family cared for him and would wagon him around the neighborhood when he was feeling down,” said Dallas Pets Alive in an Instagram post.

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Though his skin improved over time, his body was attacking him inside and out. Sadly, Rufus (now “Charlie”) lost his life to one of the most aggressive cancers called T Cell Lymphoma.

“Rest In Peace Charlie. it was truly an honor to have been a part of your journey. It brought us so much joy that you all cared so deeply about Charlie’s journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous love and support. We want to especially thank Charlie’s foster family for giving him the ultimate love and care.” said Dallas pets alive in an Instagram post.

If your pet needs medical attention, do not wait to seek out the treatment they need. Have the courage to stand up for your pet who can not otherwise stand up for themselves, urged Dallas pets alive.

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