Not long ago, the manager of the Compassion Without Borders clinic in Mexico came to work to find a closed cooler on the steps of the building. Sadly, it is not hard to imagine what was hidden inside this container left right by the doors to an animal clinic… Despite the organization’s struggles to educate and spread awareness, scenes like this repeat themselves over and over – instead of bringing unwanted animals into the clinic, people mindlessly leave them outside, most often in really unsafe containers lacking ventilation. Containers like that are, of course, very dangerous to the animals‘ very lives. This time four little puppies were crammed inside a cooler. All of them were hot and panicked, helplessly waiting for someone to help them.


Thankfully, because of the wonderful care from the staff at Compassion Without Borders, these babies are now getting the kind of attention they need and deserve.

These sweet pups are currently living in a foster home, surrounded by love. They are growing incredibly fast, already so much bigger than just several days ago, and they are getting stronger by the day. Thanks to their new caretakers, the puppies are now getting a completely new beginning and a chance to have wonderful happy lives! Check them out!


We hope that with a bit more time, these puppies will be ready to find the forever homes of their dreams. No animals should have to live through the fear and pain these little ones did, we can only hope that is all completely behind them now.


Compassion Without Borders is an organization dedicated to rescuing and helping animals in need on both sides of the border. To learn more about them and their great work, click here.

Image source: Compassion Without Borders/Facebook