Although they are just as lovable and sweet, homeless older dogs are much less likely to get happy endings than their younger counterparts. People are more inclined to adopt puppies and don’t want to deal with the many health problems and difficulties that might come with a senior pup. But, luckily, there are also many situations where this rule does not apply – the story of Edith, the street dog, is one of them.

India’s Animal Aid Unlimited rescue team received a call about an old injured dog found on the street. The poor dog had a terribly infected wound on her back that required urgent treatment. She was incredibly skinny and kept walking around as if she was in a daze, confused and uneasy. Because of that, it was not that difficult to capture her – but once the rescuers did, she was immediately transported to the Animal Aid center.


There, Edith received some much needed medical help. She was started on IV fluids to take care of her severe dehydration and her wound was carefully cleaned and treated, rid of the maggots, and dressed. It must have taken an incredible strength just to stay alive with such nasty wound and so, after her time on the vet’s table, the dog was thoroughly exhausted. It took a little longer than usual for Edith to recover due to her age and frailty. But recover she did – and today she is completely transformed!

Thanks to the help she received and all the love she was surrounded by, Edith went from being in critical condition, on the brink of giving up, to what she is today – a happy dog with light in her eyes and finally a reason to wag her tail!

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