A shocking case of animal cruelty from Seymour, Indiana has a surprisingly happy ending. On April 17, 2017, Hayden Howard came home to discover her beautiful Mastiff puppy in her fenced-in yard with his entire body covered in dozens of strange holes. Understandably alarmed, Howard took her puppy named Jackson to a veterinarian, who discovered 27 pellets and bbs embedded in the poor dog’s flesh.

Thankfully, Jackson’s operation went well and all bullets were safely removed from his body. According to Howard, Jackson is doing well at home now, where he is expected to make a complete recovery.

As for the culprit of this heinous crime, investigations led police to a 44-year-old named Tom Woodard. Investigations are not complete as of now, but charges are expected to be filed.

This is Jackson the Mastiff puppy who beat the odds and survived nearly thirty gunshots fired at his body. Talk about a fighting spirit!

It is difficult to view the images of Jackson undergoing the veterinary procedures that removed the bullets from his flesh. How someone could inflict such torture and agony on an innocent puppy is far beyond our comprehension.

These are the pellets and bbs dislodged from Jackson’s body. We hope justice is served and the culprit is charged for this unbelievable crime.



Luckily for Jackson and Howard, this story ends on a positive note. However, countless animals are tortured and abused every day and it goes unnoticed. If you suspect a case of animal abuse in your community, please do not hesitate to contact the proper authorities to address the issue. Animals are counting on you to be their voice!

All Image Source: Seneca R. McKinney/Facebook