As animal lovers, it is hard to imagine how anyone could do harm to a puppy, but unfortunately, that’s just what happened to little Brody.  At only six-weeks-old, he was shot 18 times with a BB gun by a cruel human.

When the Rock Hill Police in North Carolina first spotted Brody near an apartment complex, he was surrounded by about fifteen young people, who reported that someone, “had stabbed the puppy multiple times and shot the puppy with a BB gun.” But this remarkable doggy did not give up.


The police took Brody to the patrol car and immediately transported him to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital, which just happened to be opened late that night. 

The team acted quickly. One of the doctors, Dr. Hreiz, even drove in from Charlotte to care for Brody after hours. When he took an x-ray, he not only found the 18 BBs but a number of intestinal parasites as well.

Since that terrible day, Brody has made a huge recovery. Dr. Hreiz reports that Brody is now eating, drinking, and trotting around like the sweet little pup that he is! “He seems like he’s gonna pull through,” said April Splawn, owner of Ebenezer Animal Hospital. “He’s a strong little boy. He’s really, really sweet.” 

The kindness and dedication of the Ebenezer team remind us that even in the midst of such cruelty, there are amazing people who will stop at nothing to save our furry friends. Let’s just hope the police  finds the sick people who shot Brody! If you were inspired by Brody’s amazing story, consider donating to Ebenezer Animal Hospital’s Good Samaritan Fund to help get him ready for adoption.

All Image Source: Alicia Schwartz/Facebook