Bhoori, a wounded dog who was found on the streets, had a great deal of luck to encounter the Guardians of the Voiceless team. The poor dog was bleeding profusely from her paw when rescuers arrived. Thankfully, the people who found her and alerted the organization had tried to help by wrapping a piece of cloth around the wounded paw, however, the injury was too serious for this basic care.

Bhoori was very scared and panicked but after the rescuers’ arrival, she finally managed to calm down and trust that she was safe. The team discovered that she had a very deep cut in her paw, probably a result of stepping on a sharp object. The wound was treated and the poor dog was given painkillers and antibiotics to prevent an infection.


Thanks to this quick action and the wonderful people who did not leave her alone, Bhoori’s paw will now surely heal completely and she will be back in shape in no time. Many locals are now looking after her and feeding her and the Guardians of the Voiceless’ team will be returning to treat the wound further until it is perfectly mended.

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