If you take a look at ancient cave paintings, you will see that human hunters are often accompanied by dogs. That’s because, around 20,000 years ago, humans and dogs united for the purpose of hunting. All these years later, it’s hard to imagine our furry companions, who are most likely curled up on your sofa right now, out alongside a hunter. Yet, believe it or not, it still happens.

Today, humans still use dogs for hunting. In fact, one dog shelter in Bulgaria has noticed an influx of abandoned hunting dogs arriving at their premises. One of those dogs was Brown, an old and lovable dog whose story is sure to touch your heart.


Found in a mall parking lot, almost two years ago, Brown looked thin, disorientated and, without a doubt, sick. Fortunately, a well-known animal rescue organization in Bulgaria known as Animal Friends Foundation Burgas rescued Brown and took him straight to the veterinary clinic for examinations. And that was when Brown’s journey to recovery began.

The Lost Hunting Dog with a Case of Heartworm and Heartbreak


Dogs cannot verbally speak to you but they can speak to you in other ways: through their eyes. Unless the details of how a dog came to be rescued are known, there is no way to tell what a dog has seen in their life. But just one look into Brown’s eyes and you could see the torture he’d endured in his life. Years of exploitation, neglect and, from what test results would show – illness.

Brown was diagnosed with Dirofilaria, a type of heartworm transmitted by mosquito bites.The rescue team noticed how Brown reacted when he was around cats, in particular, and deduced he had probably been trained to hunt.  While rescuers and vets at the Animal Friends Burgas team couldn’t be sure, they believed that this poor pup’s heartworm condition is what led his former guardian to abandon him. After all, a sick dog cannot be used for hunting.


Thanks to donations from amazing and compassionate people like you, Brown received treatment for his Dirofilaria and he has now recovered from it completely. But just when the team at Animal Friends Foundation Burgas thought things were getting better for Brown and that he’d made a full recovery, they noticed something was wrong with Brown’s hind legs.

A Shocking X-Ray Discovery



After the vet team did a series of x-rays, they found shotgun pellets in Brown’s body. Some of the pellets had been so deeply embedded in this tissues and muscle, they couldn’t be removed. Sadly, further tests revealed that Brown also had a muscle condition called degenerative myelopathy, an incurable condition. Unfortunately, this disease caused Brown to become incontinent and vets don’t believe that he will have much longer to live.


In Spite of His Shortened Lifeline, Brown is More Lively Than Ever…


Even though he has seen a lot of abuse and neglect in his life, Brown maintains a sweet and lively disposition. In fact, his charm helped him win over the affection of a kind adopter in Germany!


Although his muscle condition is incurable, he gets regular hydrotherapy and massages which help immensely with the progress of the condition. And undoubtedly, all of the love he gets from his new forever family is helping him along the way!

How You Can Help Others Like Brown



Animal Friends Foundation Burgas is noticing a rise in former hunting dogs arriving at their shelter. Sadly, most of them get abandoned because they’re too old, too ill, or simply no longer wanted by their owners. But someone has to take care of them and if it wasn’t for organizations like this one, who knows what would happen to dogs like Brown.


While the organization does its best to help as many needy dogs as possible, they simply don’t have space or the funds to help them all. But with your help, they can continue rescuing and re-homing dogs just like Brown.

If you can, please send a donation to Animal Friends Foundation Burgas today to help them help more dogs in similar situations to Brown. You can also “like” their Facebook page to follow their amazing work. With your help, more innocent lives can be saved.

Image Source: Animal Friends Foundation Burgas