Animal Aid Unlimited is a rescue organization and shelter based in India that is known for going above and beyond to help animals in need. Sadly, millions of homeless animals roam the streets of India. Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited rescues 15-25 sick animals every day – a feat that is made possible with the help of their rescue hotline and the swift action of locals who call them.

Animal Aid recently got a call on their hotline about a homeless dog with a horrible head wound. In no time at all, the rescue team set out to help the dog. Despite the fact he was likely starving, the dog was too fearful to let anyone get close to him. But Animal Aid knew if they didn’t rescue him soon, the infected wound on the dog’s head would soon kill him, so rescuers were forced to use a net to capture the dog and bring him back to the shelter for treatment.


It’s very likely this poor pup would not have survived if Animal Aid hadn’t stepped in to help. After six weeks of care, you won’t believe what the pup looks like! Now named Jay, he is all smiles and his tail is full of wags.

To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited and for more information on how you can help, please visit their website.