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While most people are familiar with dog fighting, few understand the intense cruelty and abuse that occurs in this industry. Dog fighters breed and train dogs, usually Pit Bulls, Pit-mixes, and Boxers, essentially to tear one another apart at the command of their owners. To make these dogs act out so aggressively against one another, dog fighters use “bait dogs.” These poor animals are typically the smaller or more docile dogs in the group and they are used to train the other dogs how to attack and kill.

The life of a bait dog is miserable at best; most are completely ripped apart and left for dead. This is exactly what happened to Precious.

Most bait dogs never survive their lives in the ring, but Precious was lucky enough to be rescued by Love That Dog Hollywood just in time. Given the extent of her injuries, her rescuers weren’t sure that she would make it through the day, but this little dog was determined to live.

After receiving extensive care and loving foster home, Precious is on the mend and is now ready for a forever home! Despite all the trauma and abuse she went through, this happy pup remains happy, loyal, and affectionate.

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