Jack, the handsome Pit Bull, made news when he was abandoned at a shelter in California right before the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, many dogs are abandoned around the holiday season because their “families” don’t want to pay to board them during travels. While Jack was not alone in being abandoned by his family, his story made the news because it was so incredibly sad.

Jack wasn’t just abandoned at the shelter. His caretaker brought him there to leave him, and laughed at Jack when he began to cry out. According to witnesses, it was a terribly heartbreaking thing to watch. The loyal dog was obviously distraught at the idea of being left behind, and the man who was supposed to love and take care of him laughed at his pain.

Although this handsome, two year old boy spent Christmas at the Carson Shelter in Gardena, California, He is starting the new year off right! After his story went viral, Jack became quite the popular boy. He is now going home with a loving family, one who will take amazing care of this deserving pup!

After the holiday season, shelters are often at full capacity. If you are ready to welcome a new family member into your home, visit your local shelter and make it a great year for a rescue dog!

When Jack was left at the shelter, he was obviously distraught. He had lost his home and family.


Now, Jack is getting a new chance at happiness. He is going home to a great new family who will love him like he deserves. Look at that smile!


Lead image source: Steph Skardal/Flickr