Billy, the dog, was rescued by the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union in Greece. After being rescued, He found the perfect corner to lay in and soak up the sun. A carpet was placed there for the recovering dog … and an idea for a short film was created.

What happens when a dog is abandoned? This dog, which once had a home and someone who cared for him, is suddenly thrown into a scary new situation. His person is gone, and so is everything he had grown accustomed to. The dog may sit and wait for his person to come back, but to no avail. By viewing Billy’s rescue in reverse, we can easily imagine how terrible abandonment must be on an animal. Billy goes from a cozy spot to lay with his human and all his toys … to nothing.

By adopting, however, we can help save a dog from this existence. Adoption can save the dog from a chance of being euthanized for the sole reason that someone no longer wanted to provide care and love. Make sure you are truly ready and prepared before bringing a new pet home. And, if you are, help a dog like Billy and adopt!