Arkabutla Rescue Rehabilitation and Foster is no stranger to the prejudice the general public has towards Pit Bulls and the awful euthanasia rates for these dogs.

Around 6.5 million pets enter our shelters every single year across America. 1.5 million of those animals go on to be euthanized because either there isn’t the room for them, they are too sick to be cared for, or just because they can’t be rehomed. Of those 1.5 million, many more will be Pit Bulls than other dogs. Pit Bulls have such a high kill rate in shelters that it works out that more than three times more Pit Bulls are euthanized than any other breed. And even when lucky enough to escape such a death, these beautiful dogs tend to be overlooked and adopted last.


The myth that Pit Bulls are vicious dogs comes from the cruel people that breed them purely for dog fighting rings. These dogs are gentle, loyal animals who are more likely to attack in the defense of their guardians than for anything unprovoked. Pit Bulls used to be referred to as Nanny dogs because of their gentle natures and how well they behave with other dogs and small children. How awful it is to think their reputation has been changed through no fault of their own.

At Arkabutla Rescue Rehabilitation and Foster, there is no such misconception about how wonderful these dogs are as companion animals.

Look at Cain here, happily adopted by Joey Maness, who threw a party to celebrate Cain becoming a part of his family. We wish you well, Joey and Cain, and hope you have lots of adventures together!


Unfortunately, many other loving dogs like Cain won’t get the chance to find their forever homes because of the unfair stereotypes facing Pit Bulls. The myth that Pit Bulls are cruel fighting dogs has largely been perpetuated by the media as they are only highlighted when horrible (ILLEGAL) rings are broken up. With this in mind, we can all serve as ambassadors for Pit Bulls and other bully breeds and show the world that just like any other dog, Pit Bulls are worthy of love, respect, and care. It is people who have earned this bad name for Pitties, so it is up to us to break this wrongful and harmful stereotype.


Arkabutla Rescue works tirelessly to help dogs like Cain find new homes. They rescue all shapes, sizes, and breeds from death row and transform them into healthy and loving family pets. If you are considering adopting your next pet into your family or would like to know more about their work, please get in touch.

Image Source: Arkabutla Rescue Rehabilitation & Foster