Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue proved themselves to be actual angels yet again by rescuing even more abandoned dogs.

Two female dogs and three little puppies were left behind an abandoned house in a garage in Detroit. A kind lady who put in the call to the crew to rescue these dogs kept them fed until their arrival.


Here is our first mom looking a little worried, but she is now in the good, caring hands of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue volunteers. 

You can see the state this building is in; this is no place for a young litter of puppies or any dog!

And if you didn’t spot it in the previous photo, then look a little harder at this one. Whoever dumped these beautiful ladies and their babies here tied their legs together! It is unbelievable that people could be this cruel, as these girls would have had difficulty even scavenging for food like this!

The Detroit Pit Dog Rescue volunteers made their way into the garage armed with food. Look at the puppy in the background who has come to investigate!

Here is one of the puppies eyeing the crew suspiciously from inside the relative safety of the garage.


And here is one of our famished ladies gladly taking some of that food! You can see in the video how timid this first girl is as the volunteer approaches, but she is too hungry to be scared.

This little baby looks like a wriggler!

And here is another who seems ready for their close up any time.

Here is one more glance at the inside of the awful conditions these dogs and their pups were left in. Who could do this to such lovable dogs? We know they are all going to find loving homes soon!



Perhaps the weather at the moment is not dangerous enough to be worrying about things like hypothermia or overheating, but abandoning animals outside is still unforgivable. It is quite simple, if a person cannot take care of their pets, they should give them to someone who can. There is no excuse for leaving an animal tied up like these ladies were in this garage.


The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue continues to work to get as many stray, injured, pregnant, and destitute dogs like these two girls and their pups off the streets as possible. If you can, please consider making a donation to help them keep up their amazing work.

Image Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue