Just a few weeks ago, Yorkshire the pig was stuck in a factory farm transport truck, and his future looked anything but bright. But this little guy refused to give up on trying to change that. He took a leap of freedom from the truck and was fortunately found by a kind family. His rescuers did not hesitate before stepping in to help and provided him with the medical care he needed. Now, the pig is getting ready to move to his new home – and his happy snout is bound to make anyone’s day!

When he was found, Yorkshire really needed a helping hand – his jaw was broken, and he had quite a few bruises all over his body.

The piglet was taken into the care of Erin Brinkley-Burgardt who went on to share his story on Facebook. Needless to say, the piggy and his new caretaker really hit it off!

Yorkshire will be placed in his forever home alongside a companion, “Hampshire hooligan Bowie,” as soon as his jaw and overall health is assessed by the vet.

For now, he is busy being the picture of adorableness … thanking his rescuer for giving him a second chance at life!

These kisses certainly show his happiness and endless gratitude!


As his caretaker emphasized, most pigs are not as lucky as Yorkshire – in the meat industry, baby piglets are separated from their mothers at six weeks of age, males are castrated without sedation, are sent off to live at a facility to get fattened up, and then sent to slaughter, typically even before they are one year old. Yorkshire very literally chose freedom for himself, but he had a lot of luck to be able to escape the future he was headed towards in the first place and then be rescued – and have a life.

Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals who are not much different from our household pets. If we could all learn to see these magnificent animals as someones instead of somethings, the world would certainly be filled with many more pig kisses and cuddles!

All image source: Erin Brinkley-Burgardt/Facebook