Most people are surprised to find that pretty much everything that they’ve ever been told about pigs is wrong. Not only are they not unintelligent, dirty animals, but it turns out that pigs are actually quite brilliant. Studies have shown time and time again that pigs usually perform as well as, or better than dogs (and even children) on animal intelligence tests. Most pigs can be easily taught to fetch, sit and even shake paws for a treat, like the sweet little piggy pictured here.

We should be giving these little ones a hand … not harming them with one.



The truth is that pigs, like all other animals, are living beings who do not deserve the ill treatment that they receive in the heartless meat industry. Given their intelligence and emotional capabilities, trapping a pig in a crate so small that they will never get to see their tails in their lifetimes is unquestionably cruel. Pigs are subject to some of the worst forms of abuse in factory farms, largely because people never take the time to learn that they are so much more than non-feeling commodities. They are conscious, feeling animals and because of this they too are worthy of our love and respect.