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You might think you’re a champ when it comes to video games, but did you ever consider pigs might be able to play even better? A new animation released by Farm Sanctuary states that pigs can learn video games just as fast as chimps and faster than most human three-year-olds. University studies showed that pigs excelled both of them!

Hamlet and Omelette are the “species’ poster children,” because they were the first pigs that were able to hone their skills in video games, with joystick in snout. So, why pigs and video games? Well, the experiments are a way to test out the species’ cognitive ability, in the hopes that, one day, we will be able to communicate with them.

The studies started with a $10 joystick from a local Wal-Mart, modified with a tractor gear-shift knob. Who knew that joystick would help prove how incredibly intelligent these animals are?

Clearly, pigs are amazing creatures! They are playful, smart, and social beings. They even respond by name when called. The Farm Sanctuary animation below indirectly critiques the species’ life in the pen and challenges you to think twice the next time you chow down on a piece of bacon. “Pigs are friends, not food.”