While physically being in nature is enough to take your breath away, there is something about viewing nature in art that is even more magical. Being able to not only see what is right in your line of vision, but the entire scene has a humbling effect that never fails to validate the magnificent of the natural world. This is a fact that is well known by 21 year old photographer, Elizabeth Gadd.

Having grown up surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver, Canada, Gadd has always felt inspired by the forests, hills, and ocean nearby. In 2007, Gadd tried her hand at photography as a mode to capture the wonder of these wild spaces and they have become the focus of her work ever since. She also works people into the stunning wide-view shots she takes and is able to explore the complex relationship humans share with the natural world.


It’s funny how in the vast expanse of this waterfall, the human presence is still so evident.


Gadd aims to showcase the human connection to the environment in a calm and peaceful way.


Amazingly, Gadd is entirely self-taught and has used her interests and passion for her subject matter as her only guide.


Her photos are as much portraits of the people featured as much as they are portraits of the surrounding beauty.


Amazingly, most of these photos were taken in areas only around an hour away from Gadd’s home. (Can we move there, please?) 


The human connection to nature can be strained at times, but Gadd is able to create images that exude a sense of peaceful co-existence.


They’re also just plain gorgeous.


Very little planning goes into her photos. She likes to go out and hike and if the right place strikes her, she’ll stop to capture it.


Well, maybe there is some planning. Gadd tells phlearn, “I always pack a prop dress or outfit of some sort in my backpack so I can be ready for those moments when I decide a self-portrait in necessary.”


Gadd is currently working on a series of photos that she took while in Iceland.


The trip to Iceland started with a Kickstarter, unsurprisingly Gadd’s photos were able to garner the needed funding in no time at all! We certainly this is the first of many photo-finding adventures to come!



To follow Elizabeth Gadd’s photography, check out her website, Flickr page, and Facebook.

All image source: Elizabeth Gadd/Facebook