Nothing touches our hearts quite like the ability of humans to feel compassion for other living beings. No matter what, we can’t help but crack a smile and tear up a little when we stumble upon a story of humans putting in the effort to help creatures of all shapes and sizes. It’s because of this that we know that not all heroes wear armor.

When Imgur user MintSM found this tiny snail, they took on the lofty task of raising them as their own. We can imagine the struggles — the hours spent sleepless in the middle of the night to ensure the little guy’s comfort and safety, and all the painstaking anxieties that come with raising a tiny snail — but this guy did it. Kudos, MintSM.


Love can blossom between human and animal and, yes … human and snail. In this tiny terrestrial gastropod’s time of need, one MintSM was there.

Rescued animals always seem to understand how lucky they are. MintSM may be watching TV here, but to us, it looks like Tiny Snail Son is staring lovingly into his foster parent’s eyes.

This photo that captures the beauty of a relationship between a tiny snail and their caretaker will be remembered for years to come.

Like with many baby wild animal rescues, reintroduction is part of the process. MintSM was wise to spend as much time as humanly possible with Tiny Snail Son.

Because before they knew it, Tiny Snail Son was ready to take on the world.

We’re not crying — you’re crying. They really do grow up so fast (snast).


We’re sure that Tiny Snail Son will never be forgotten by his caretaker — and we’ll never forget him. Rock on little, dude.

In-text image source: MintSM/Imgur

Lead image source: djgis/Shutterstock