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There are so many reasons why we love pigs. They’re intelligent, sociable, sweet, and totally loveable animals that deserve the best. Just like the cats and dogs we welcome into our homes, pigs have friends and are capable of forming deep bonds with their human caretakers. Lilly,  The Gentle Barn Tennessee’s newest residents, is a lucky one. Baby Lilly was badly neglected by her previous caretaker, who left her outside in the hot summer sun for so long, she was left with a painful sunburn on her back and ears.

Now that she’s a permanent resident of The Gentle Barn, Lilly will grow up around humans who will never neglect her and plenty of animal friends to keep her company. She may have had a rough start to life, but she’s not letting that stop her from taking over the sanctuary … with cuteness.

Lilly meets Dudley for the first time. It won’t be long before these two will be pals!

A tummy full of baby food and a nose full of dirt = a very happy Lilly.

Just like all babies, Lilly needs plenty of naps. Baby pigs normally sleep next to their mothers, but since Lilly is an orphan, Gentle Barn volunteers keep her company.

Does anybody else’s dogs like to cuddle like this?

If you ask us, Lilly is pretty much an Olympic medalist in cuddling and napping.

Just like a puppy, Lilly is very attached to her caretakers. According to a volunteer at The Gentle Barn, “She cries when I get up because she is afraid I will leave the stall and the thought of being alone is terrifying for her. She runs up squealing and jumping when I walk in because she is excited to see me.”



Clearly, this little rockstar pig will never be sad or lonely again — and we couldn’t be happier for her. If you can’t get enough Lilly (and we know we can’t), visit The Gentle Barn Tennessee’s Facebook page for more photos and videos. Before you go, we have to share one more thing: this video if Lilly playing with her toys, just like a puppy.


Isn’t she the sweetest? If she keeps up this level of adorableness, she’ll be the Queen of Cuteville in no time.

All image source: The Gentle Barn Tennessee/Facebook