Over the years, numerous scientific studies have uncovered the many nasty human health effects that can be linked directly to the widespread use of pesticides called organophosphates. And now, a team of researchers has published a paper that reveals some startling new information concerning the very real dangers of spraying these toxic chemicals on our food and in our communities.

According to the groundbreaking report, which was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS Medicine, there is no safe level of organophosphate exposure for pregnant women, as even the slightest exposure to these chemicals may cause severe negative impacts on children during fetal development — effects which can then stay with them for life.


As the researchers pointed out, multiple systematic reviews and epidemiological studies in the U.S. and abroad have revealed the horrible impacts that exposure to these pesticides among pregnant women can have for their children. Specifically, it has resulted in children developing disorders ranging from memory loss to impaired mental and motor skills to autism to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In light of these serious risks, the eight researchers who authored the paper are now calling for an immediate international phase-out of organophosphates in all settings, both agricultural and non-agricultural.

In accordance with the advice of top pesticide researchers, the EPA was recently planning to expand the ban on one of these notoriously dangerous pesticides, chlorpyrifos, to the thousands of U.S. farms which still spray the chemical on crops. However, then-Administrator Scott Pruitt reversed this action, thus allowing these hazardous pesticides to continue being used and threatening public health.

We should all be outraged that the profits of big chemical companies are being prioritized over the well-being and healthy development of our children. Further, as this is something that affects everyone in the nation, we should all be pushing for the U.S. Government to implement a total ban on these toxic chemicals.


So please, for the sake of your own family’s health and the health of future generations, take action on this important issue by signing this Earthjustice petition opposing the continued use of dangerous neurotoxic pesticides!

Image Source: Pixabay