Thanks to the brave efforts of undercover investigators and whistleblowers, the harsh reality of industrialized animal agriculture aka factory farming has become more common knowledge. However, many people are still duped by the marketers over at Big Meat and Dairy and believe that dairy cows live on idyllic green pastures and enjoy being milked.

Those “happy cow” commercials fail to show the true conditions of dairy farms, which are dismal at best, with cows lined up in rows like commodities, floors typically flooded with urine and excrement, and painful milking machines that cause injuries and infections like mastitis. Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated by unnatural methods, only to have their babies ripped away from them at birth so the milk naturally produced for the babies can be given to humans. From there, the calves are either sent to hutches to be killed for veal or raised to become the next generation of dairy cows. And yes, when dairy cows stop producing enough milk, they are slaughtered.

Unparalleled Suffering took to Facebook to share the bleak reality of dairy farms. The image shows a newborn baby calf, still covered in fluids from birth, being force-fed with a hose. What is in that hose? Milk with valuable colostrum in it, milk from another cow on the farm, not the calf’s own mother. Truly heartbreaking.

Source: Unparelleled Suffering/Facebook

Cows are highly social and emotional beings who form strong bonds, and mothers typically cry out in anguish when their babies are taken from them, with some cows even managing to escape to chase down trucks transporting their babies.

If you consume dairy but can’t tolerate animal abuse and exploitation, then maybe it is time to ditch dairy from your life! And with the growing abundance of plant-based alternatives out there, it has never been easier to say goodbye to dairy. Check this out for some advice on transitioning away from dairy!

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Image Source: Unparelleled Suffering/Facebook