In October of this year, Animal Place, a farm animal sanctuary located in Grass Valley, California, got a call about a young piglet sadly being neglected at a feed store, called Simply Country. Never one to turn their back on animal abuse, Animal Place immediately investigated the call and found a tiny, underweight piglet with severely damaged ears.

The piglet hadn’t received any appropriate veterinary care, Animal Place wrote on Facebook, and horrifically, portions of her ear were falling off. The little one also had multiple bites across her body because she was forced to stay in an overcrowded pen with larger piglets at the feed store where she was unable to defend herself.

Now named Cleo, her ears were partially amputated. Animal Place hopes that the remaining cartilage can be saved.

Understandably, Animal Place was concerned about the other animals at the feed store and contacted the Nevada County Animal Control to request a welfare check on the chickens.

Good thing they did because animal control ended up investigating the feed store and found 58 dead birds. Hundreds of other birds were found in various stages of neglect. 

Animal Place worked with the Nevada County Animal Control to confiscate the 360 birds and bring them to safety. 


Animal Place notes that some of the birds were so malnourished they were feeding off the dead birds. The birds are now at the Animal Place sanctuary where they will stay until test results come in to determine if the birds can be adopted out. Heartbreakingly, more than 95 percent of the birds are severely malnourished and at least half of the population has some form of respiratory illness. Thirty-one birds have already passed just over the course of four days, but we are thankful they finally knew love and compassion before passing. The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office plans on filing criminal charges.

Reading stories such as this one can be difficult and make you feel as if no progress is being made to save and protect all the animals humans interact with or take responsibility for. Without voices to speak up for themselves or proper laws (and enforcement of the laws that do exist) to shield them from neglect or physical abuse, it is up to us to step in and do all we can to end the violence. This involves speaking out and raising awareness for animals who are the victims of abuse and also even working help get laws changed or improved on a state or national level. It’s important we speak up for those who cannot!

For more information about Animal Place, visit their website.

Image Source: Animal Place