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Amazing! A recent study found that 75 percent of drivers in the UK want to see the removal of animal products in vehicles, and 70 percent want to buy a vegan car!

Source: LIVEKINDLY/Youtube

The report published by The Vegan Society used data from February from drivers and people planning to buy or lease a car in the near future. The results say a lot about how the mindset of consumers is shifting away from animal products!

According to the report, 57 percent of the participants said that they would choose a manufacturer that offers animal-free models and 61 percent said that would purposely seek a manufacturer with green credentials. 44 percent of participants said that they think it is unnecessary to use animal-derived products in cars, and 55 percent would prefer that car manufacturers not use animal leather. 77 percent were interested in seeing plant-based leather used in car designs instead.

The report says that although animal leather is what most people would think about when thinking about animal products in cars, they’re far from the only animal product in cars. It’s been reported that media displays often found on dashboards contain liquid crystals that can be based on cholesterol taken from animals. The rubber and plastic that are used to make tires and tubing can be vulcanized and toughened using sheep fat. Car paint can also contain animal-derived pigments, and car steel has been known to be lubricated with animal fat.

Still, the most common animal product used in car manufacturing is leather. Whether it’s for the car seats, dashboards, gear sticks, or doors, it can often take several cows to line the interior of a single car, according to the report. They say that depending on the car model, it can take as many as fourteen cows.

Thankfully, a lot of car companies are ditching leather. Tesla ditched leather, BMW is collaborating with the cactus leather brand to make vegan interiors, and Volvo has also ditched leather.

In 2020, PETA published its first-ever vegan car interior survey. They published a comprehensive list of fourteen car manufacturers offering vegan-friendly interiors. The Vegan Society recommends that when looking for a car, consumers request to see which cars are animal friendly. We simply cannot willingly Support these cruel industries, and it’s our responsibility to make choices that don’t cause harm to animals.

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