Little furry dogs like Terriers and Collies have a special place in our hearts. There’s nothing quite like seeing an adorable ball of hair waddle up to you for head pats and treats! But the gorgeous hair that we love so much can quickly become a problem if dogs aren’t given the proper care. Soft fur quickly tangles, mats (sort of like a giant dreadlock) and can even pull the dog’s skin causing wounds. The pain can sometimes be so bad that rescued dogs with matted hair have striking behavioral problems until the hair is cut.

The gorgeous dog in this video was rescued by the San Jose Animal Care Center. When they found him, he was covered in mats that were so uncomfortable, he needed to be knocked out before animal care experts could shave him. He was absolutely terrified before the shave, but afterwards, he looks like a whole new dog!


We know that a cutie like this is going to be whisked away to a furever home in a snap!