A kind person called into the RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue to report that a homeless dog was wondering the streets, severely in need of help. Her fur had completely fallen out due to demodex and she was all skin and bones. The team knew they would have to step in and help. If not, a terrible fate would likely fall upon her. They set off on the 43-mile journey only knowing a rough area where she might be. Luckily, rescuers located the ill, abandoned dog, but what they found was deeply troubling.

A dog in this condition would surely have met her death soon if rescuers had not stepped in to help.

“We know the abuse that even a healthy looking street dog will suffer, getting kicked, chased off and having things thrown at them, so we could imagine what might be happening to this poor dog,” rescuers said

“She has to be one of the saddest cases we have seen,” they said.  She was  covered in fleas and ticks and her ears and skin were torn and sore. She was taken for immediate medical care.

It also appeared as if a front leg had been broken and healed poorly. Despite her condition, Khaleesi was very sweet and handled the vet visits like a pro.

With a team of incredible vets and a wonderful caretaker, Khaleesi started to come back to life.

She was eating well and enjoying the comfort of having a roof over her head, and a bed to sleep in.

Given multiple baths, the dead skin began to come off and revealed a healthier body.

As her skin renewed, so did her spirit.

She started to love life.

Her caretakers said she would sleep the whole night, feeling safe in the hands of those who loved her.

She especially loved her vets.

She’s made a complete transformation!

She loves her foster parents.

And playing in the snow.

And bedtime stories.

There is no doubt she is one very happy dog.

Khaleesi is still recovering from her poor health traumatic experiences from living on the streets. You can help support her care by making a donation to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue to help Khaleesi and Bulgaria’s street dogs and cats be rescued from a life of abuse.


All image source: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue