Anyone who has adopted a cat knows that once you adopt one of these four-legged felines, your life will change forever. Cats are very independent animals, but they are also endlessly loyal and loving. These animals are the second most popular pet (sorry, dogs are still winning that one), however, despite their popularity, there are still an estimated 70 million homeless cats right here in the U.S.!

Sure, some of these cats belong to feral communities, but many are waiting to be adopted in animal shelters. And this is hardly a U.S. specific reality. There are around 600 million cats across the world and they need us just as much as we need them. Don’t believe us? Just look at Patrick Corr and his cat, Stevie.


When Patrick met Stevie, she was living at the Animal Care Society of Cork in Ireland. She was a blind senior cat having trouble finding a home, so Patrick stepped in. 

Although he needed to make a few adjustments in his life to help Stevie navigate his house, she was certainly worth it.

Stevie can’t see, but she is an incredibly fast learner and is not afraid to face all the fun life has to offer. She is certainly an inspiration to us all. 

Patrick writes on Imgur, “She changed my life. I wasn’t really a cat person before I met her.”

There are millions of Stevies in the world who are still looking for their Patrick. Check out this video and let’s help some more cats in need find amazing homes!


All image source: Imgur